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Black truffle and Chablis mustard on tap

Experience the sublime flavour of Maille mustard, served on tap.

Maille introduces its Black Truffle and Chablis mustard. This unique fresh mustard served on tap delivers a cavalcade of flavour, combining the Périgord region's finest black winter truffles and Burgundy’s famous Chablis white wine. This truffle mustard adds a sublime aroma and flavour to an array of dishes both holiday and otherwise. Transform humble mashed potatoes and risottos into beautiful, complex gourmet sides that can’t help but steal the spotlight. The pinnacle of condiments, they make the perfect gift for every discerning food lover. You can find Maille’s Black Truffle and Chablis mustard, served in exclusive earthenware black pots sealed with a cork stopper at Maille pop-up shops.

MAILLE TIP: "Delicious in risottos and simple mashed potato"

Nose – A leap into the Drome region.

Palate – Intense truffle blended with a fruity Chablis.

Pairings – Scrambled eggs, leg of lamb, capon, scallops, red meats, white meats.

Drawn by hand from ingeniously engineered pumps, our mustards on tap are gently poured into exclusive earthenware pots and sealed with cork stoppers. Combine Burgundy’s finest white wine with Dijon’s finest mustard, serve on tap and you have something very special. La Maison Maille’s Chablis delivers a sublime taste experience that will enhance simple scrambled eggs and add elegance to a leg of lamb. La Maison Maille’s mustards on tap are the pinnacle of condiments. They make the perfect gift for every discerning food lover, presented in La Maison Maille’s exclusive stoneware jar, beautifully wrapped in an elegant Maille black and gold gift box.

MAILLE TIP: "Elevate humble scrambled eggs with the refined flavours of Chablis"

Tasting Notes

Nose – Visiting a traditional Burgundy wine cellar.

Palate – When spicy mustard meets the honeyed notes of Chablis.

Pairings – Poultry, duck, onions, eggs, potatoes, lamb, fish, roast beef, pork fillets, steak, veal chops.